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Facial Treatments

A facial treatment can truly benefit the skin because every facial is tailored to the individual's skin type. The multi-step process will help rejuvenate and nourish the skin, making it appear healthier and younger.
It is also a popular treatment to pamper and relax - right up there with a massage.

BeautyLab Facials


BeautyLab specialises in researching ground-breaking ingredients and pioneering formulations to produce beauty products that are going to meet your needs and deliver both instant beautifying and long term results.

BeautyLab Black Diamond Peel Facial

BeautyLabs Luxurious, glamourising treatment is a breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare, this range is formulated to unlock the appearance of flawless, radiant skin. Employing advanced encapsulation science It combines rare black diamonds, encapsulated white diamonds and anti-ageing peptides to instantly illuminate, plump and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types.

Duration 1hr 15 minutes


Decleor Facials

Decléór has been trusted by beauty professionals for over 45 years. As leaders in Aromatherapy Skincare, we are renowned for our expertise in the science of Essential and Botanical Oils to transform your skin for visible results.

We have remained true to our Professional Parisian heritage, bringing it to life with our innovative treatments and natural skincare products. Decléor’s philosophy, “Skin – Body – Mind” represents a holistic and complete approach to beauty where everything is connected and interwoven, for lasting efficacy.

Decleor Skin Workout

A targeted anti-ageing “workout” facial which includes a toning and firming massage.
Duration 1hr 15 mins


Decleor Lifting Aromatherapy Face Massage

A facial ideal for those targeting the signs of ageing and the need to destress and bring a sense of well-being.
Duration 1hr minimum


Decleor Aromatherapy Face Massage

Duration 1hr


Decleor Aromatherapy Face Massage

A facial suitable for all looking to target your skin priorities whilst brightening and rebalancing the skin.
Duration 30 mins


Chemical Peels

A Chemical Peel is a solution that is applied to the skin. This will remove the outer, damaged layer of skin, to stimulate cell rejuvenation and collagen production. This allows a new, healthier layer of skin to develop underneath, giving a fresh and youthful appearance.

You must follow a strict two week pre and two week prior treatment plan, please contact your chosen salon once your booking has been made.

Skin concerns :
Sun Damage
Fine lines
Tired looking skin

From £81